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Community Assistance Visits

The Community Assistance Visit (CAV) is a major component of the NFIP's Community Assistance Program (CAP). Staff from FEMA or from a State agency on behalf of FEMA visits a community to provide technical assistance to the community and assure that the community is adequately enforcing its floodplain management regulations. In California, the CAV is either performed by staff from FEMA Region IX or from the Department of Water Resources.

A CAV consists of a tour of the floodplain, an inspection of community permit files, and meetings with local appointed and elected officials. FEMA and DWR workshops also assist community officials to learn about compliance with NFIP requirements. The State will work with the community to help bring their program into compliance with NFIP requirements. In extreme cases where the community does not take action to bring itself into compliance, FEMA may initiate and enforcement action against the community.