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Flood Project Engineering Assessment

The Flood Project Engineering Assessment Section is responsible for developing and administering a program to facilitate Local Maintaining Agency (LMA) reporting requirements resulting from the passage of Assembly Bill 156 (AB 156). LMAs are required to report to the Department specific information related to the project levees by September 30 of each year. In turn, the Flood Project Engineering Assessment Section consolidates this information and provides an Annual Report to the Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) by December 31 of each year. The Annual Report is a summary of information collected from LMAs responsible for the operation and maintenance of the 1,600 miles of project levees in the State-federal flood protection system. The changes to the California Water Code Sections 9140 - 9141 based on AB 156 became effective on July 1, 2008.

To assist in the preparation of Annual Report, the Section has developed a web-based information management system which supports the collection, compilation, evaluation, and reporting of this information. The web-based system is used by LMA representatives and Section staff to develop Annual Reports.

LMA Annual Reports and related information regarding the program can be downloaded from the LMA Program Site:

The work of the Flood Project Engineering Assessment Section follows the FloodSAFE mission which includes improving public safety by reducing probability of destructive floods. For this purpose, the Section is developing an electronic documentation of the flood control facilities of the State Plan of Flood Control (SPFC). This includes information on the purpose, design, and construction of the SPFC facilities. This repository of flood system information is being used to establish a flood control system library which documents existing conditions and capacities, identifies past and present system conditions, and supports overall system modeling and engineering analyses. The flood system database is also being used for:

  • assisting in the evaluation and prioritization of flood control system conditions,
  • identifying recommended solutions to resolve any issues,
  • providing an annual system status report, and
  • facilitating the update of the SPFC for the Central Valley.