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Flood Emergency Response Projects Grants Program
90-Day Application Period and Workshop Materials for Statewide Flood Emergency Response Grant, Round 3

California public agencies with primary responsibility for flood emergency response and coordination are eligible to apply for this competitive grant. The geographic scope of this grant is statewide, outside of the legal Delta.

The “Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006” (Proposition 84) makes funding available to improve local flood emergency response. Up to $5 million in funding is available through this grant (PDF) and requires no local match. The application period closes January 29, 2018 at 5:00 pm. We will accept electronic submission to meet the deadline, as long as hard copies are also postmarked by the deadline.

We hosted an in person workshop December 13, 2017, in Sacramento, and a Skype webinar on December 15, 2017. We were unable to record the webinar; however, we have included a copy of the presentation with notes. Also below are templates each section of the application package, and 3 examples. These were some of the better applications we received in 2015, but please note, they were not perfect, nor did they get fully funded. Please use these as guidance only.

Webinar Slides with Notes (PDF)

Additional Grant Background Information

Application Templates (Word)

Example Applications
Note: These applications were not perfect, nor were they fully funded. Please use these examples as guidance only.

Send Applications to:
Applications can be submitted via email to Brooks Weisser at or mail to:

California Department of Water Resources
Attention: Brooks Weisser
Hydrology and Flood Operations Office
3310 El Camino Avenue, Suite 200
Sacramento, California 95821

If you have any further questions, comments, or need additional assistance, please contact Brooks Weisser at, or (916) 574-0358

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has three grants under the Flood Emergency Response Projects Grants Program. The Delta Emergency Communications Equipment grant was awarded in 2012. The Flood Emergency Response Projects – Statewide grant (first round) was awarded in September 2013. Additional funding was made available for a second round of Statewide grants, which was awarded in September 2015. The Flood Emergency Response Projects – Delta grant application period closed in September 2013 and final funding awards are also displayed below.

Grants for Flood Emergency Response Projects

DWR has made more funding available for the Flood Emergency Response Projects grants. The original amount of $5 million was increased to $10 million in early 2013, and another $5 million was added in mid-2013. $10 million in funding has been awarded for statewide projects and Delta communications equipment, while the remaining $5 million has been recommended for projects in the legal Delta. An additional $5 million is available for the second round of Statewide grants. This increase in funding represents DWR’s strong commitment to improving flood preparedness and response at the local level throughout the state.

Here is the funding breakdown:

Grant Funding Amount Status
Statewide: Second Round (outside legal Delta) $5 million (Prop 84) Awards were completed in September 2015.
Delta $5 million (Prop. 1E) Awards were completed in June 2014.
Statewide: First Round
(outside legal Delta)
$5 million (Prop. 84) Awards were completed in September 2013.
Delta Emergency Communication $5 million (Prop 84) Awards were completed in 2012.