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Competitive Solicitation Projects

Proposition 13 provided funding for nonstructural flood management projects that include wildlife habitat enhancement and/or agricultural land preservation. This funding was made available for competitive solicitation of grant-funded project proposals in fiscal year 2002 -2003.

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Overview of 2002 -2003 Flood Protection Corridor Program Applications

Applications were reviewed and scored by a Project Evaluation Team. After application review and scoring, projects were prioritized and a recommendation as to the amount of funding per project was established by the Management Review Team of the Division of Flood Management. These recommendations were then approved by the Director of DWR on August 12, 2003.

The priority list and funding status are as follows:

  • “A” List: These were preferred priority projects. These projects were given either partial funding or the full amount of funding requested in the 2002-2003 funding cycle.
  • “B” List: These were reserve priority projects. These projects were not funded during the 2002-2003 funding cycle.
  • Withdrawn: Project applicant voluntarily withdrew the application.