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New Project Authorization Requirements

AB 1147, Chapter 1071 requires a flood management project that receives financial assistance under the State Water Resources Law of 1975 or the Flood Control Law of 1946 to meet prescribed requirements prior to state authorization.  The bill revises requirements relating to the payment of prescribed nonfederal costs for projects authorized by the Legislature on or after January 1, 2002, and for specified small flood management projects for which prescribed findings are made on or after January 1, 2002.  The following requirements must be met prior to state authorization:

  • The project shall qualify for federal financial assistance and shall be federally authorized.
  • The total annual benefit of providing flood damage protection shall exceed the annual cost of the project allocable to flood management (benefit-cost ratio > 1 for project's flood control component).
  • The local agency shall prepare a floodplain management plan designed to reduce the impact of future floods within one year after signing a project cooperation agreement for construction.  This floodplain management plan must be implemented no later than one year after completion of the project.  Also, all communities benefiting from the project shall have a floodplain ordinance consistent with the National Flood Insurance Program's model floodplain ordinance.  The model ordinance can be obtained from the Department's Floodplain Management Branch.
  • The project shall avoid, minimize, or mitigate impacts to environmental and recreational values.
  • The project planning documents shall include an evaluation of opportunities to include multipurpose objectives.