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Small Erosion Repair Program


The Department's Small Erosion Repair Program (SERP) will provide a streamlined process for DWR to identify, obtain regulatory authorization for, and construct small levee repairs on levees maintained by DWR within the Sacramento River Flood Control Project (SRFCP) area. The initial focus of SERP covers approximately 300 miles of levees and represents an initial five-year effort. After the first phase, the Interagency Flood Management Collaborative Program Group (Interagency Collaborative Group) will evaluate the program's success and, if warranted, SERP may be expanded to include sites repaired by local maintaining agencies throughout the Sacramento-San Joaquin drainage district.

DWR determined that a program environmental impact report (PEIR) was required for this project. The SERP PEIR has been certified and adopted by DWR, thus approving the Small Erosion Repair Program.  Certification included adopting the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) findings of fact and the Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting Program under CEQA.

Final Program EIR for Small Erosion Repair Program, December 2013 (PDF: 33 MB)