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Mercury Control Studies: Cache Creek Settling Basin

The Department of Water Resources submitted a Report of Findings on Mercury Control Studies for the Cache Creek Settling Basin (CCSB) to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Board) on November 24, 2015.  The Board's Delta Mercury Control Program established total maximum daily load (TMDL) requirements for the CCSB and required a report about mercury in the CCSB. The report includes:  

  • an evaluation of the trapping efficiency of the CCSB,
  • a description of the long-term environmental benefits and costs of sustaining the CCSB mercury trapping abilities indefinitely, and
  • an evaluation of potential feasible alternatives for mercury reduction from the Basin up to and including a 50% reduction from existing loads. 

DWR is committed to complying with the TMDL requirements established for the CCSB. A report detailing the selected mercury reduction alternative for the CCSB is due to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board by October 2017.

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