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The Lower Feather River Corridor Management Plan (LFRCMP) establishes a long-term vision and multi-objective strategy for managing the 20-mile-long Feather River corridor between the Marysville and Yuba City urban areas in the north and the Sutter Bypass in the south. The LFRCMP provides a vision for how flood system maintenance and habitat enhancement can be integrated under long-term programmatic permits, as well as recommendations for optimizing future management, restoration, and maintenance of the corridor. It provides a planning tool and informational resource for flood managers at DWR and Local Maintaining Agencies, as well as for resource agencies, environmental and recreation advocates, farmers, and the general public.

The LFRCMP fact sheet (PDF: 1.6 MB) provides an overview of the approach, including the proposed management goals and actions.

Lower Feather River Corridor Management Plan

Lower Feather River Corridor Management Plan, June 2014 (PDF: 37 MB)


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