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Butte Slough Outfall Gates Rehabilitation Project

The Division of Flood Management proposes to restore and modernize the Butte Slough Outfall Gates (BSOG).  BSOG is located at the confluence of Butte Slough and the Sacramento River, approximately 5 miles downstream from the town of Colusa on the left bank of the Sacramento River.  The structure was built in 1935 and is important to the flood control system as it enables flood and agricultural water runoff regulation and equilibrium. 

Project activities include rehabilitating the structure and outfall gates, establishing an on-site control facility and backup power sources, and implementing structural and operational measures that will reduce long-term environmental impacts.  These modifications will extend the functional life of the structure and provide safer and more reliable outfall gate operations.  The work is anticipated to occur May through November 2015 and May through November 2016, or during the same months of subsequent years.

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