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Flood System Repair Project

Project Background

In 2006 DWR launched the FloodSAFE California initiative to improve public safety, protect and enhance the environment, and support economic growth. One of FloodSAFE's major efforts was the development of the 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) (PDF: 5.6 MB), which proposed a State Systemwide Investment Approach (SSIA) for sustainable, integrated flood management to be implemented over the next 20-25 years.

Project Goals

As one of the SSIA's near-term priority actions, DWR has developed the Flood System Repair Project (FSRP) to help Local Maintaining Agencies (LMAs) reduce flood risks in non-urban areas. Through FSRP, DWR will assist LMAs by providing them with technical and financial support to repair documented critical problems with flood control facilities of the State Plan of Flood Control (SPFC) in non-urban areas. The objectives of the FSRP are to:

  • Repair documented critical problems.
  • Repair deteriorated levee patrol roads that provide all-weather access to the levees. These roads enable effective emergency response that manages residual flood risks.
  • Repair minor levee problems proactively, such as erosion sites shorter than 50 feet.

Eligible Projects

Projects eligible for FSRP funding include:

  • Erosion repair
  • Levee repair
  • Levee access road repair
  • Hydraulic control structure and weir repair
  • Pumping plant repairs to maintain design capacity
  • Channel capacity restoration

Information about the Flood System Repair Project Guidelines is available on the Guidelines webpage.

Tie-in to State Systemwide Investment Approach (SSIA)

The FSRP supports the small community and rural-agricultural elements of the SSIA as identified in the CVFPP. FSRP will utilize state bond funds, in partnership with LMAs, to reduce flood risk primarily in rural areas of the SPFC. Urban levees will be eligible for repair under other DWR programs in the future. Repairing documented critical problems on levees and associated facilities will reduce flood risks, and cumulatively support regional planning and systemwide improvements.

FSRP Implementation

DWR is working with LMAs to finalize a list of critical repair sites and identify the levee patrol road reaches that require gravel or repair. After the list of critical sites and levee patrol road repair reaches is finalized:

  1. DWR will issue a notice of eligibility to LMAs describing the eligible critical sites prioritized based on flood risk.
  2. Interested LMAs will submit an intent to participate letter to DWR.
  3. DWR and interested LMAs will work together to develop project agreements that describe the percentage of cost-share and the roles and responsibilities for each of the entities in implementing the repairs.
  4. After the project agreement are finalized, DWR will commit funds for the repair projects. Funds will be released based on progress of planning, design, and construction activities.

Questions about the program can be addressed to Dave Wheeldon, FSRP Program Manager, at