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Operational Changes

Water Allocations and Water Service: In years of shortage, agricultural Table A water will no longer be the first to be reduced. Water allocation will be based on Table A amounts.

Surplus, wet weather, and Article 12(d) water will be replaced by a single category of interruptible water, allocated on the basis of Table A water amount and delivered at the same power rate as Table A water.

Transfers of Table A water and Land: An annual Table A of 45,000 acre-feet of agricultural water—4,330 acre-feet from Dudley Ridge Water District and 40,670 acre-feet from Kern County Water Agency—was permanently transferred to DWR and retired. One hundred and thirty thousand acre-feet of agricultural Table A water became available for permanent sale to contractors for urban use.

The Kern Fan Element of the Kern Water Bank will be transferred to the Kern County Water Agency.

Financial Restructuring: DWR will develop financial programs with SWP funds to establish an operating reserve; a SWP facilities capital account to support certain otherwise unfunded planning studies; a water rate management program to reduce charges for all signing contractors when SWP cash flow permits; and a rate management trust fund for agricultural contractors.

Regional Operational Flexibility: The contractors paying for the Castaic Lake and Lake Perris terminal reservoirs—Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Ventura County Flood Control District, and Castaic Lake Water Agency—will be able to borrow water from these reservoirs.

Water Storage and Transportation: Contractors may transport nonproject water in SWP facilities at the melded SWP power rate. Carryover rules for SWP surface conservation reservoirs will expand, allowing year-to-year storage by contractors when space is available. Within certain constraints, SWP water may be stored from year to year in nonSWP surface storage facilities that lie outside a contractor’s service area for later use within the service area. There will be no limits on groundwater storage of SWP water outside a contractor’s service area for later use within the service area.

Contractors not storing in any year can participate in an annual turn-back pool of allocated but unneeded water, which will be sold at a percentage of the Delta Water Rate to either the DWR or other contractors. Contractors can also temporarily, for a period of years, reduce their Table A amount and receive rate reductions.