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The Monterey Agreement was designed to benefit all parties involved in its development. The principles of the agreement were intended to increase contractors certainty over water allocation and facilities use. The agreement also provided measures allowing individual contractors to increase their own water supply reliability through:

  • water transfers
  • water banking
  • storage outside service areas
  • transport of nonproject water
  • permanent sales of water among contractors
  • annual turn-back programs
  • use of Kern Water Bank property by agricultural contractors for water banking
  • access by urban water contractors to Kern Water Bank use

The agreement provided rules for water allocation, water delivery, and contract management. It was intended to provide greater financial stability for agricultural and urban contractors alike. Most importantly, the agreement also attempted to avoid potential litigation over decades-long contract disputes.

The Environmental Impact Report Reproduced from Bulletin 132 Management of the California State Water Project (Bulletin 132-96)

The draft program environmental impact report, Implementation of Monterey Agreement, was prepared by Central Coast Water Authority and published in May 1995; the final EIR was published in October 1995.