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Tuolumne Ruddy Project

Completed Projects: Ruddy

tuolumne ruddy project

Tuolumne River - Ruddy Project


The Ruddy Project, located on the Tuolumne River near Waterford, California, was a floodplain and channel rehabilitation project built in 1993. The site had been degraded through encroachment by agriculture and aggregate mining. The incised channel had resulted in floodplains becoming less accessible to lower flows and spawning riffles were nearly nonexistent in the reach. The project proposed to create spawning habitat and reduce the relative height of the adjacent floodplain.

ruddy project site

Current Status

Construction of the project occurred in two phases in 1993, with the first phase being a mitigation action undertaken by the M.J. Ruddy aggregate mining company and the second by contract funded by the 4-Pumps program.


Monitoring was scheduled and funded for the project, but in 1995 high flows damaged the project. Repairs were made to several portions of the project site in 1996 that were designed to make the project more resilient to the flows of 8,000 to 9,000 cfs it experienced in 1995. In January, 1997, flows of up to 59,000 cfs were experienced in the lower Tuolumne River, which did extensive damage to the project site.


Currently, no published reports for this project exist on the Publications section of this website.

Additional Photos

post const

Ruddy Project Construction Showing Gravel Pits in Background.


Ruddy Project Channel Construction.


Ruddy Project Channel Construction.