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Tuolumne River Riffles

Completed Projects: Tuolumne River Riffles

tuolumne river riffles

Tuolumne River - Riffle Projects 1B, 3A, and 3B


Three riffles were reconstructed on the Tuolumne River near the town of La Grange, California. The sites are located between River Miles 49 and 50 near the J59 Bridge within the most heavily used portion of the salmon spawning reach on the lower Tuolumne River. The total length of constructed riffle is estimated to be approximately 1,250 feet.

tuolumne river riffles map

Current Status

Construction was completed in 1994.


No physical monitoring plan was created or funded for this project. The Department of Fish and Game planned to monitor salmon escapement throughout the river each fall, documenting total run size and total redd distribution. The number and sizes of redds at the renovated riffle sites were also planned to be monitored to determine project benefits. This project has since been identified by 4-Pumps for monitoring work to be done by DWR. The work will satisfy physical evaluation and maintenance plan design requirements for these sites, and is scheduled for 2005 and 2006.


Currently, no published reports for this project exist on the Publications section of this website.

Additional Photos

post const

Riffle 3A Post-Construction.