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FRPA-Cache Slough Complex Conservation Assessment

Cache Slough Complex Conservation Assessment

Component of the Fish Restoration Program (FRP)

The Cache Slough Complex has been identified as an area in the Delta with high potential to meet some of the Fish Restoration Program’s (FRP) tidal restoration requirements, thanks to its connectivity with the Yolo Bypass floodplain, suitable elevations, high turbidity, high primary and secondary productivity, and use by Delta Smelt and other native fishes.

Cache Slough Complex Conservation Assessment
DWR and CDFW recently completed Volume 1 of 2 of the Cache Slough Complex Conservation Assessment. The Conservation Assessment evaluates the potential for restoring the Cache Slough Complex as part the FRP and provides information on the current and historic conditions of the Cache Slough Complex in order to generate a regional landscape conceptual model for conservation.

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Volume 1, available now, of the Cache Slough Complex Conservation Assessment provides guidance for regional implementation of tidal wetland restoration, taking into account intended ecological outcomes for the Fish Restoration Program (FRP) species of concern, costly impediments to restoration, and socioeconomic factors that restoration can affect. The information contained in Volume 1 is consolidated from scientific reports, collected data, and personal communications.

Volume 2, still under development, focuses on providing the overarching scientific foundation for conservation efforts and restoration goals in the Cache Slough Complex. Volume 2 presents an overall regional restoration approach, restoration strategies using regional conceptual models, key drivers for restoration outcomes, a procedure for assessing the restoration potential of available properties, principles for approaching landscape-scale restoration, and compatibility with other regional plans.

Restoration of the Cache Slough Complex will take place within the context of other restoration planning in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. This Conservation Assessment informs other conservation efforts, notably the California Natural Resources Agency’s California EcoRestore initiative.

The 53,000-acre Cache Slough Complex is located in the northwest corner of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta at the downstream end of the Yolo Bypass. It is separated from the northeast corner of Suisun Marsh by low-lying grasslands and seasonal wetland/vernal pool complexes, and linked directly to the Sacramento River via Miner and Steamboat Sloughs.



Cache Slough Complex Conservation Assessment Documents

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