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South Bay Aqueduct Rehabilitation II Thumbnail
  South Bay Aqueduct Rehabilitation II
The South Bay Aqueduct conveys water from the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta through over forty miles of pipelines and canals to the Zone 7, Alameda County and Santa Clara Valley Water Districts, which encompass the cities of Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Freemont, Santa Clara and San Jose. The purpose of the South Bay Aqueduct Project is to rehabilitate the canals, pipelines, appurtenances and structures to increase capacity and operational flexibility.

Interim South Delta Program Thumbnail
  Interim South Delta Program
The Interim South Delta Program (ISDP) is composed of five major components designed to improve the amount of and quality of water transfers through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The five components are: a new intake structure at Clifton Court Fore Bay, channel dredging along a reach of Old River, seasonal barriers in Old River, three new flow control structures and increased diversions into Clifton Court Fore Bay.

Schaeffer Fish Barrier Thumbnail
  Schaeffer Fish Barrier
In 1998, Division of Engineering was asked by Department of Fish and Game to prepare a preliminary design report on alternatives to replace an existing gabion fish barrier on the South Fork of the Kern River with a more robust option.

Radial Gate Structural Analysis & Inspection Thumbnail
  Radial Gate Structural Analysis & Inspection
The Division of Engineering is conducting an internal structural analysis and inspection program to investigate the current condition of strategic radial gates throughout the State Water Project. Hand calculations and finite element analysis is being used to perform the structural analysis.