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The Division of Engineering's (DOE) Project Geology section performs geologic investigations, explorations, and studies. Before the first spade of dirt is turned for any California State Water Project (SWP) facility or undertaking, DOE ’s geologists investigate the geologic integrity of the proposed site. Engineering geologists perform a wide range of geological and geotechnical work both in the office and in the field required for project planning, design, construction, performance monitoring, and maintenance of SWP and other proposed or existing facilities.  Projects typically include dams, pumping and power plants, bridges, aqueducts and appurtenances, tunnels and levees. Our work includes:

  • Exploration and foundation drilling, sampling and testing for design and construction
  • Geologic mapping, trenching and test pits
  • Faulting and seismicity studies
  • Landslide investigations, including installation and monitoring of inclinometers
  • Grouting estimates, plans and field supervision
  • Geophysical services, including seismic refraction and resistivity surveys
  • Installation of observation and monitoring wells, groundwater sampling/testing
  • Blasting appraisals and monitoring
  • Environmental site assessments and remediation

In earthquake-prone California, the presence of numerous faults presents an added challenge for geologists inspecting a site. DOE relies on geologists to conduct faulting investigations in order to predict the integrity and safety of proposed State facilities. Our engineering geologists inspect exploration trenches to determine the presence and/or activity of faults and prepare reports discussing their findings and recommendations.

For more information on Project Geology and the services they provide, please contact Rob Barry, Supervising Engineering Geologist at (916) 376-9874.