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Land and Transportation Surveyors within the Division of Engineering (DOE) are responsible for property title research and review, title analysis, property descriptions, and preparation of deeds and other primary documents used in the acquisition, management, lease, transfer, exchange, and sale of real property, property rights, and rights of way for the State Water Project and The Reclamation Board. Surveyors prepare the following types of documents in the course of their duties:

  • Right of entry maps
  • Appraisal maps
  • Right of way exhibit drawings
  • Parcel sketches
  • Surplus property sales maps
  • Maps for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission applications
  • Utility relocation maps
  • Physical models for court exhibits

In addition DOE surveyors prepare, update, and maintain property management maps showing surveys for land boundaries, property lines, physical features, encroachment permits, and other transactions affecting departmental and Reclamation Board lands. They maintain an inventory of all lands and provide land information for the State Proprietary Land Index and to the public.