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Dear Educators:

Thank you for your interest in educating your students on the importance of water.

To help you develop classroom curriculum, the Department of Water Resources offers water education materials at no charge.

Our materials are limited in quantity so please review a sample copy before ordering classroom sets.

(Note: Non-California residents may receive only one free copy of each of the materials. Materials can be sent to United States addresses only.)

Teachers from the same school are encouraged to combine orders to save shipping and handling. Please allow 4-6 weeks to process your order.

Again, thank you for your interest in our materials. I believe they will be useful in encouraging children to use water wisely.

Kathy Schulz
Water Education Specialist
Public Affairs Office
Telephone: (916) 653-9892
FAX: (916) 653-4684

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Note: Non-California residents may receive only one free copy of each of the materials. Materials can be sent to United States addresses only.

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Drought Education Materials

discovery drought Discovering Drought

This colorful, 16-page activity book addresses these questions: How can there be a drought in a rain forest--or in the desert? What exactly is a drought? Students learn these answers and more, such as the roles of snowpack and groundwater, droughts around the world and throughout history, predicting and planning for drought, plant and animal adaptations, and dendrochronology. Part of the KIDS Series, published by The Project WET International Foundation.
Appropriate for grades 4-8.
conservewater Conserve Water

Full-color, 16-page booklet contains games, puzzles and activities designed to teach students about water conservation.
Appropriate for grades 4-8.
Water Supply and Uses Poster Help Your School Save Water

This 11” by 17” colorful poster lists several ways students, faculty, and parents can conserve water at school and at home.

Appropriate for all grade levels.

Downloadable PDF Version

Student Workbooks

Cover of Water Works The California Water Works and Why It Does...
A colorful comic book character, Professor Goodwater, leads students through the water cycle, showing them how water is delivered through California's built and natural water systems to the end users. Guidelines for water conservation are provided as well.
Appropriate for Grades 4-8. Available in English and Spanish. (16 pages)
Please preview booklet before ordering:  Downloadable PDF Version
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Qty:     (Spanish)
Cover of Water and Me Water And Me
A color and activity book. Simple puzzles and matching activities teach students about water use, the importance of clean water, the forms water takes, and includes a 2 page illustration of the water cycle.
Appropriate for Grades K-2. (16 pages)
Downloadable PDF Version
Cover of Water Works NEW! I am Ready: Flood Preparedness Activity Book
NUEVO! Estoy Listo: Libro de Actividades Para Prepararse en Caso de Inundacion
Developed by the Department of Water Resources and US Army Corps of Engineers, this fun activity book helps kids and their families #befloodready. Perfect for Flood Awareness Week (October 21-28, 2017).
Recommended Grade Levels 3-5
Download PDF (English)
Download PDF (Spanish)
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Resource Materials

CA Waterways worksheet California Waterways and Activity Sheet
11”x17” black and white map showing many of California’s River, Lakes, and Aqueducts. This activity sheet is great when used in conjunction with our California Waterways Map. Appropriate for all grades 4 and up. You can download/preview a PDF version here.
Delta Factsheets Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta Facts Sheet
The Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta is a vital California resource. Use this fact sheet to learn more. For better geographical understanding, you can use this in conjunction with the California Waterways Map available below." Appropriate for grades 9-12 and beyond.
You can download a PDF version here
Water Conservation Pledge/Stickers Water Conservation Class Pledge with Stickers
A short verse students recite pledging to use water wisely. Four sentences within a water drop. Stickers are colorful, 1 7/8" in diameter, and say "I MAKE EVERY DROP COUNT."
Appropriate for Grades K-4.   You can download a PDF version here
Conservation Checklist Parent/Student Water Conservation Checklist
A question and answer checklist students can take home and review with their parents. Includes suggested actions and parent signature box.  You can download a PDF version here.
Appropriate for Grades 4-8.

Hands-On Water Activities for Teachers

(One Copy Per Teacher)

Cover of All About Water All About Water, K-3 Water Activities

An AIMS style teacher's guide containing 26 hands-on lessons integrating science, math, language arts, geography, art, music drama and health. The major themes addressed are Systems and Interaction, Energy, Stability and Scale and Structure. Water topics include where water comes from, water cycle, ground water, water pollution and conservation. A storyline can be used to connect the lessons using puppets and scenery. You can download a pdf version of this teacher's guide. However, the file is quite large (19MB) so, depending on your internet connection, it may not open in your browser. To save the file to your computer, right-mouse-click on the link above and do a "Save as ..." to a folder (or Desktop) on your computer.

Cover of Water is Your Best Friend Water is Your Best Friend
(Printed version no longer available)
A series of hands-on concrete experiments designed to 1. convey the internal roles of water in our bodies and in plants; 2. acquaint students with water in three different guises, solid, liquid, and gas (water cycle); 3. introduce students to methods of collecting and storing water, water use and conservation at home and at school, and filtering water to clean it. Includes two black and white posters of the water cycle and California's water resources.
Appropriate for Grades K-3.
Downloadable PDF Version
Qty:      Teacher's Guide

Cover of Hands-On Water Activities Teachers Guide for Hands-On Water Activities by Gil Yee
Four hands-on water science activities developed by teacher Gil Yee. A water tape measure illustrates the world's distribution of water. Water polo activity teaches water surface tension. Cartesian diver demonstrates how pressure to a plastic bottle of water affects a floating eye dropper inside. Students can make a Solo© cup rain gauge.
Appropriate for Grades 1-6.
Downloadable PDF Version
Cover of Water Precious Water Sample lessons from Water Precious Water developed by AIMS
(Printed version no longer available)
Includes a cooperative learning lesson in which students are exposed to a variety of interesting facts about water and a series of four activities that deal with some of the properties of water.
Appropriate for Grades 4-6.
Downloadable PDF Version

Flannel Board Stories

Cover of Water is Your Best Friend Water Is Peter's Best Friend, A Flannel Board Story
(Printed Version No Longer Available)
Designed to aid teachers explain the basic concepts of water to K-2 grade students. It teaches the importance of water, where it comes from, and why we should use it wisely using the illustrated story of Willy the Water Droplet and his friend Peter as they explore the nature and uses of water.
Downloadable PDF Version
Cover of Peter's Magical Water Journey Peter's Magical Water Journey, A Flannel Board Story
(Printed Version No Longer Available)
Designed to aid teachers explain the basic concepts of water to 2-4 grade students. Covers the water cycle, water uses and conservation in more detail using an older Peter and more illustrations than the K-2 version.
Downloadable PDF Version

Colored Wall Posters

(All Titles In This Section: One Copy Per Teacher)
Water Cycle Poster Water Cycle

This 20” by 22.5” colorful poster illustrates how water travels through the water cycle.

Appropriate for upper elementary through middle school.

Downloadable PDF Version

Water Supply and Uses Poster Water Supply and Uses
This 26” by 26” colorful poster illustrates how water travels from mountain top to ocean and is used for many purposes along the way. (Click the image to see an enlargement.)
Appropriate for all grades.
Groundwater Poster NEW! California Groundwater Poster
Two Posters per order
A cut away diagram illustrating groundwater and surface water with listings of the Department of Water Resources groundwater websites.
11” by 17” in size.
Appropriate for Grades 3rd to adult.

Downloadable PDF Version
Wear a Life Jacket Poster Albert and Einstein Life Jacket Poster
This 25" by 17" poster features Albert and Einstein showing objects that can be life preservers.
Appropriate for Grades K-6.
California Waterways Map California Waterways Map
Map of California showing topography and the major natural and built water systems (Federal, State, and local), including an outline of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta region. Provides an an overview of the State Water Project (SWP) and indicates various SWP facilities, including visitors centers.
Appropriate for all Grades 4 and up.

Downloadable PDF Version

Special Offers

(for California Teachers only)
discover floods Discover Floods
This colorful, 16-page activity book features important-to-know facts and engaging hands-on activities on floods and flood management that tie in with Math, Health and Language Arts. This booklet will make a splash with readers! Part of the Kids in Discovery Series (KIDS), published by the Project WET Foundation. Appropriate for For ages 8-12.
Storm Water Discover Storm Water
A student activity book that explains what storm water is, where it comes from, how it can get polluted and can affect the environment, and what we can do to prevent storm water pollution.
Appropriate for Grades 4-6.
Storm Water Discover Groundwater and Springs
NEW ITEM! This colorful, 16-page activity book features interactive lessons such as filling glasses with sand, gravel, and clay designed to show readers principles related to water flow. Watershed animals, hot and cold springs, and everyday ground water uses are vividly illustrated and demonstrated. Appropriate for grades 8-12.
TAHOE cover

Discover the Waters of Lake Tahoe
LIMITED TIME ONLY – This item is available through DWR because of our outstanding partnership history and a grant received by Project WET. Get them while they last, we will not be purchasing more.

Children ages eight to twelve explore the waters of Lake Tahoe in this colorful and engaging activity booklet created by the Project WET Foundation, a world leader in water education. Field tested by educators and students, vetted by scientists and Lake Tahoe experts, and correlated to the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, this comprehensive activity booklet addresses the fascinating water science of this unique and important lake on the border of California and Nevada.

Topics include: an overview of the Lake Tahoe Basin and Truckee River Watershed; the human history of the Lake Tahoe Basin; climate change and Lake Tahoe; the many uses of Lake Tahoe’s waters; Lake Tahoe’s extraordinary clarity; aquatic invasive species; actions children can take to protect Lake Tahoe’s waters.

Water Awareness books California Water Units - Teacher's Guide for 4th and 5th grades
Unit #1 – California’s Water gives an overview about California’s water supply, how it is distributed via aqueducts and reservoirs, the various places it is used, and ways to use it wisely.

Unit #2 – Water Sources provides a more in depth look at California surface water and groundwater sources, including their own local water supply, and helps students understand how we can stretch all of our water supplies.

Unit #3 – Water Use in California allows students an opportunity to evaluate personal, regional, and statewide water use and determine ways to conserve water in their day to day lives.

Unit #4 – Water Use Efficiency discusses California’s water supply & demand problems and how we can recycle and conserve water at home and at school.

Unit #5 – Water Quality focuses on water quality with an emphasis on pollution prevention practices for the home. Lessons are correlated to the California State Subject Area Standards. Includes pre and post assessment tools, teacher information, student handouts, and worksheet masters.
U1 Qty:

U2 Qty:

U3 Qty:

U4 Qty:

U5 Qty:
Hamburger Activity  Sheet - click to see full sheet Hamburger Activity Sheet
8.5 x 11 sheet (click the image to see the full sheet) containing an activity to teach children how much water goes into making the parts -- bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese, hamburger -- of a hamburger sandwich. The sheet includes an illustration of the hamburger sandwich parts and the amounts of water that correspond to each part. The activity consist of matching the corresponding amount of water to sandwich part.
Answers are at the bottom of the page. The reverse side is in Spanish.
Appropriate for all grades. Downloadable PDF Versions: English Spanish
Delta Book Cover--click for enlargement California’s Amazing Delta - Book Cover (Order Limit 30)
No other single area in California is quite as crucial to the state’s overall water picture as the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This two-sided book cover has activities that teach students about the importance of the Delta and the plants and animals that make up this diverse ecosystem. (Click the image to see an enlargement.)
Appropriate for all grades.
3 in 1 Video Children's Video Programs
Out of Stock. New DVDs Coming Soon!
The Department of Water Resource's children's programs provide a fun and easy way to teach children about water related topics such as the water cycle, water use, conservation & safety, fish hatchery operations and the life cycle of the Chinook Salmon. Historical footage of California's earliest water projects also demonstrates water's importance in California's economic development.

Videos are available for download or streaming here.

Videos include:
"The Water Cycle" (Grade K-6; 11:48 minutes) 1/**
"Albert and Einstein: Aqueduct Safety" (Grade K-6; 30 seconds) **
"Water, Who Needs It?" (Grade K-6; 14 minutes) 1/**
"A Visit to the Feather River Hatchery" (Grade 4-8; 9 minutes)
"The California Water Story" (Grade 4 through adult; 17 minutes)

Activity Packets are available to accompany these programs and enhance student learning. You can download a PDF version of The Water Cycle Video Activity Packet here and the Water Who Needs It Video Activity Packet here.

Qty:    DVD Format
(One per School)

Overcoming the Deluge Overcoming the Deluge DVD as an offering
This 30-minute documentary, produced in 2011, explores the past, present and future of flood management in California's Central Valley. It features stories from residents who have experienced the devastating effects of a California flood firsthand. Interviews with long-time Central Valley water experts from California Department of Water Resources (FloodSAFE), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, Central Valley Flood Management Program and environmental groups are featured as they discuss current efforts to improve the state's 150-year old flood protection system and develop a sustainable, integrated, holistic flood management plan for the Central Valley. This DVD is appropriate for use as teacher reference material and compliments information highlighted at DWR Floodplain Ecology teacher institutes. This is a Water Education Foundation Video, to order in bulk, please visit their website at
Cover of the Layperson's Guide
The Layperson's Guide to Flood Management
Updated 2009. The 20-page Layperson's Guide to Flood Management explains the physical flood control system, including levees; discusses previous flood events (including the 1997 flooding); explores issues of floodplain management and development; provides an overview of flood forecasting; and outlines ongoing flood control projects. The 2009 version includes information on California's new FloodSAFE effort, ongoing and expected levee repairs, and how climate change could affect precipitation and runoff patterns. This book is appropriate for use as teacher reference material and compliments information highlighted at DWR Floodplain Ecology teacher institutes. This is a Water Education Foundation Publication, to order other Layperson's guides, please visit their website at
Cover of Project WET
Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) Curriculum and Activity Guide
Project WET lessons are correlated to California Department of Education Standards for Science, History/Social Science and English/Language Arts. Project WET is approved by the State Water Resources Control Board as meeting the education Best Management Practices component for stormwater discharge NPDES permits.

The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide includes lessons for all age groups and are available FREE from DWR when you attend a Project WET workshop. Books are distributed at the workshop.

To learn more about Project WET in California, please visit their website at:

For other questions, or to schedule a Project WET workshop, please contact the California Project WET Coordinator, Brian Brown at (916) 444-6240 or
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