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Demographic Data & Information

This page describes demographic data estimates and projections at different geographic levels. Demographic data calculations are mainly based on U.S. Census, American Community Survey (ACS) and California Department of Finance (DOF) data. Department of Water Resources (DWR) uses these data for California Water Plan Updates and for other projects. DWR subdivides California into study areas for planning purposes. The study areas are:

Population Trends (Jan 2000-Jan 2017) at County and DAU Levels

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DWR has 4 regions , each region consists of a list of counties. EAS demography staff updates every year regional population data. Demography staff uses Geographic Information System (GIS) to allocate census year block level population into DAU population estimates for each of the California 58 counties. For the between census year DAU population estimation, demography staff uses DOF's county and city total numbers. You can download the regional DAU population numbers below:

  • Graphical View

EAS demography staff displayed the Statewide DAU Population Trends (July 2000 - July 2016) graphically using Tableau, this data visualization shows population splits between two or more counties (or DAUs) by selecting a DAU or a County under filter options.

Demographic Scenario Data - Estimate and Projection Trends : 2006-2050

EAS demography staff provides the scenario data trends for the Water Plan Updates. There are 9 demographic scenarios. You can download the scenario data below:

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