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Previous Projects Funded by Drainage Reuse Grant Program (Proposition 204)

Previous rounds of grant funding of the Drainage Reuse Grant Program have resulted in the completion of over 40 research and technical study projects. With the Proposition 204 funds (through a reimbursement agreement with California Department of Food and Agriculture), the Drainage Reuse Grant Program has facilitated completion of projects within the following categories:

Drainage Reuse Projects

UC Center for Water Resources
» IFDM Present Status and Further Research - Findings & Recommendations to Develop the 6-Year Activity Plan, 2001 (PDF 6.3 MB)

CA Department of Water Resources
» IFDM Toxic Trace Element Reduction Project
» Monitoring Wildlife Impacts at IFDM Demonstration Projects
Conceptual Planning & Design for Grasslands Drainage Reuse
» Development of Wildlife Management Criteria for the Operations of IFDM Projects
» Drainage Water Irrigation Monitoring for an IFDM Management Component at Red Rock Ranch, Fresno County

CSU Fresno Department of Plant Science
» Determining the Major Forms of Selenium in Jose Tall Wheatgrass Herbage (August 2014, PDF 1.38 MB)
» Selenium Incorporation in "Jose" Tall Wheatgrass and Bio-availability for Dairy Cattle (July 2013, PDF 1.0 MB)
» Integrated On-Farm Drainage Management (IFDM Phase 3): Management Factors Related to the Sustainability of Forage Production and Soil Quality (July 2011, PDF 641 KB)

Summers Engineering, San Luis Delta Mendota Authority
» Planning and Design for Grasslands Drainage Reuse

Tulare Lake Drainage District
» Feasibility Determination and Design of a Wintering Waterfowl Wetland Habitat Using a Low-Selenium Saline Agricultural Drainage Water Supply

USDA-ARS Water Management Research Laboratory
» Production and Evaluation of Biofuel from Canola and Mustard Irrigated with Agricultural Water on the Westside of Central California (April 2014, PDF 11.35 MB)

US Department of Agriculture
» Crop Production with In-situ Use of Shallow Saline Groundwater-Reuse of Drainage Water, and Active Drainage System Management (PDF 3.7 MB)

UC Davis
» Predicting Water Use, Crop Growth and Quality of Bermuda Grass Under Saline Irrigation (October 2009, 495 KB)

UC Davis Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering
» Characterization and Utilization of Saline Biomass

UC Davis Department of Agronomy & Range Science and UC Riverside Department of Environmental Sciences
» Using Forages and Livestock to Manage Drainage Water in the San Joaquin Valley

UC Davis Department of Animal Science and CSU Fresno Department of Plant Science
» Greenhouse Evaluation of Salt Tolerant Forages Growing in Red Rock Ranch IFDM
» Suitability Assessment of Salt Tolerant Forages and a Halophyte for Sequential Drainage Water Re-use Systems (Quarterly Report, April 2004, 312 KB)
» Grazing as an Alternative for Utilization of Saline-Sodic Soils in the San Joaquin Valley: Selenium Accretion and Performance of Beef Heifers (2012, 611 KB)

Westside Resources Conservation District
» Expanded Demonstration Projects for IFDM

Westside Resources Conservation District and CA Department of Water Resources
» Various IFDM Startup Projects

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Drainage Treatment Projects

Department of Water Resources
» Reverse Osmosis Desalination of Brackish Agricultural Drainage Water in the San Joaquin Valley (PDF 879 KB)

Buena Vista Water Storage District
» Desalination Demonstration Project (2003, PDF 7.3 MB)

UC Berkeley - Environmental Engineering & Health Sciences
» Development of Drainage Treatment for the San Joaquin River Water Quality Improvement Project and the Panoche Drainage District (Algal Bacterial Selenium Removal [ABSR]) (2003, PDF 7.3 MB)

UC Davis
» Reducing Selenium Loads and Ecotoxic Risk in IFDM Systems Using Solar Evaporation Basins that Comvine Invertebrate Harvest with Algal Volatilization of Selenium

UC Davis Department of Land, Air, & Water Resources
» Selenium Mass Balance and Modeling South Evaporation Basin, Tulare Lake Drainage District
» Mitigating Selenium Ecotoxic Risk by Establishment of a Model Aquatic Ecosystem (2011, PDF 6.77 MB)

UC Los Angeles
» Low Pressure RO Membrane Desalination of Agricultural Drainage Water (December 2002, 134 KB)
» Membrane Treatment of Agricultural Drainage Water: Recovery Enhancement and Brine Minimization (September 2005, 1.80 MB)
» Critical Process Requirements for Membrane Desalination of Agricultural Drainage in the San Joaquin Valley (November 2007, 4.71 MB)
» Reverse Osmosis Field Study (High Recovery Desalting of San Joaquin Valley Drainage Water with RO and Membrane Monitory [MeMo] System) (June 2010, 2.59 MB)
» Evaluation of Chemically-Enhanced Seeded Precipitation of RO Concentrate for High Recovery Desalting of High Salinity Brackish Water (January 2013, 923 KB)

UC Riverside
» Removal of Selenium from Drainage Water in Lined Reduction and Open Oxidation Channels: a Field Study

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Salt Separation & Utilization

CA Department of Water Resources
» Water and Salt Recovery by Solar Distillation
» Investigate and Evaluate Alternative Systems of Salt Separation, Purification, Utilization, or Disposal
» Feasibility Analysis of Solar Evaporation and Recovery of Dissolved Salts from Agricultural Drainage Water in the San Joaquin Valley (December 2004, 1.0 MB)
» Phase I: Application and Feasibility of Salinity Gradient Solar Pond Technology in the San Joaquin Valley
» Phase II: California Salt Gradient Solar Pond in the San Joaquin Valley

UC Davis
» Salt Separation and Purification Concepts in Integrated Farm Drainage Management Systems (2003, 1.11 MB)
» Use of Sodium Sulfate Separated from Agricultural Drainage Water in Glass Making (June 2006, 4.06 MB)

Westside Resources Conservation District
» Feasibility Pilot Demonstration for Producing Commercial Salt Products from Saline Subsurface Drainage Water Using the Ion Exchange Process

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Source Reduction Projects

Berkeley National Laboratory
» Impacts of Drainage Re-Use on Water District Salinity Budgets: A Case Study of Two Westside Irrigation Water Districts
» Estimating Evaporative Transpiration of Seasonally Managed Wetlands in the San Joaquin Valley (August 2007, 357 KB)

UC Merced
» Wetland Drainage Management Technology Development in Support of San Joaquin River Real-Time Water Quality Management (November 2011, 15.44 MB)

CA Department of Water Resources
» Improved Irrigation Management Planning
» Survey of Location and Acreage of Westside of Westside San Joaquin Valley Irrigation Methods
» Drainage Water Irrigation Monitoring for and IFDM Component at Red Rock Ranch, Fresno County
» San Joaquin River Real-time Quality Management Program - Operation and Maintenance of Real-time Status

UC Riverside Department of Environment Sciences
» An Economic Analysis of Solar Evaporators and Evaporation Ponds

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