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2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan

The 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) was adopted by the Central Valley Flood Protection Board on June 29, 2012. This page archives all major documents that contributed to the completion of the 2012 CVFPP pursuant to the Central Valley Flood Protection Act of 2008.

2012 CVFPP Documents

2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (June 2012)

CVFPP Volume I Attachments (June 2012)

CVFPP Volume II Attachments (June 2012)

CVFPP Volume III Attachments (June 2012)

CVFPP Volume IV Attachments (June 2012)

CVFPP Volume V Attachments (June 2012)

2012 CVFPP Consolidated Final Program Environmental Impact Report (SCH No.:2010102044) (July 2012)

Consolidated Report Appendices

Flood Control System Status Report (December 2011)

State Plan of Flood Control Descriptive Document (Final, November 2010):

Descriptive Document: DVD contents

  1. Federal authorizations and supporting Chief of Engineers reports
  2. 1953 MOU and Supplements
  3. O&M manuals (standard and unit-specific) are available on
  4. O&M manual map book (zipped file: 1.1 GB) Note: save to computer before opening
  5. O&M tables (summary of facilities and ancillary features)
  6. Project agreements
  7. DRAFT Technical Memorandum, Historical Reference Document for the State Plan of Flood Control
  8. Cache Creek Basin California, Middle Creek Project, Stream Profiles
  9. Sacramento River Flood Control Project, California, Levee and Channel Profiles, aka 1957 Profile
  10. San Joaquin River and Tributaries Project, California, Levee Profiles, aka 1955 Profile
  11. Mormon Slough Project, San Joaquin County, Plan of Improvement, Profile and Flood Plane
  12. Sacramento River Flood Control System, Project Design Flows (form letter from A. Gomez to The Reclamation Board)
  13. 2006 letter from USACE to The Reclamation Board regarding allowable vegetation within floodways