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Water-Energy Nexus

Connecting the Dots between Water, Energy, Food, and Ecosystems Issues for Integrated Water Management in a Changing Climate (February, 2017).

Water and energy are often managed separately despite the important links between the two. Water is used in the production of nearly every major energy source. Likewise, energy is used in multiple ways and at multiple steps in water delivery and treatment systems as well as wastewater collection and treatment. Meeting the resource challenges of the 21st century will require a more integrated approach to managing these resources. The first step to greater integration is to improve our understanding how these resources are linked and the degree to which each depends on the other.

The information on DWR's Water Energy Nexus website was originally developed for the California Water Plan Update 2013.



Understanding the relationship of water and energy is important for water management decision making on how to effectively use limited water and energy supplies to meet increasing future demands.  When making water management choices, the energy intensity of individual supplies can become part of the decision making process.  Steps can also be taken by local water managers to reduce energy intensity related to raw water extraction and conveyance in their water management portfolios.