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Climate Change - Other Water Resource Planning Tools and Information

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Water Utility Climate Alliance: [WUCA comprised of 10 of the nation's largest water providers and is dedicated to collaborating on climate change issues affecting drinking water utilities.]

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange: [intended to build a shared knowledge base for managing natural systems in the face of rapid climate change; helps users get beyond unwieldy mountain of information by: vetting and organizing best available information; building a community via an interactive online platform, creating a directory of practitioners to share knowledge and strategies, and identifying and explaining data tools and information available from other sites]

Climate Ready Water Utilities: [provides resources for the water sector to adapt to climate change by promoting a clear understanding of climate science and adaptation options and by promoting consideration of integrated water resources management planning in the water sector]

Cal-adapt: [a web-based climate adaptation tool which allows the user to identify how climate change might affect California at the local level and allows users to work with visualization tools, access data, and participate in community sharing to contribute their own knowledge. ]

Carpe Diem West Academy: [helps western water and energy managers make sense of the vast array of available tools that might help them make better decisions in the face of climate uncertainty by evaluating climate-related tools and resources.]

Water Research Foundation Climate Change Clearinghouse: [a concise summary of climate change science, climate change impacts of concern for water utilities, and climate change considerations for water utility operations]

NOAA Digital Coast: [The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has created The Digital Coast, which provides information, webinars, and tools needed by those who want to conserve and protect coastal communities and natural resources from sea level rise and other hazards.]

The Georgetown Climate Center Adaptation Clearinghouse: [An online database and networking tool to assist state and local policymakers, resource managers, and others who are working to help communities adapt to climate change. Contains nearly 1,000 resources, including state and local adaptation plans, and adaptation legislation.]