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The following list provides publications that have been authored by DWR staff or to which DWR staff have made significant contributions.
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Atmospheric Rivers "Atmospheric Rivers" (2015)
Runtime 4:53

Atmospheric Rivers are vital for water supply in California. The frequency and intensity of these powerful storm systems also play a role in both flood and drought risk in the State. Elissa Lynn of the CA-DWR Climate Change Program meets CalWater researchers as they head to the Pacific to measure A/R’s.
climate change "A Climate of Change" (2009)
Runtime 22:19

Host Elissa Lynn talks to an array of climate and water resource experts about the impacts of climate change already being felt in California and the adaptation strategies that will be needed to manage the state's water resources in the future. (Produced by DWR, in conjunction with the Water Education Foundation).
climate change "Climate Change: Water Wise" (2007)
Runtime 8:39

Senior Meteorologist, Elissa Lynn, and DWR Executive Manager for climate change, John Andrew, explain climate change projections and their possible impacts to water management in California. This video uses the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Science on the Sphere technology to display current and future global warming.
climate change Science On a Sphere is the centerpiece of this fun, educational, interactive exhibit on Climate Change. It is a 6-foot video display globe showing 3-dimensional movies of hurricanes, tsunamis, global warming, atmospheric rivers with flood potential, the oceans and atmosphere of Earth, as well as the Moon, Sun, and planets. The Department of Water Resources and the National Weather Service, Sacramento office/ NOAA are partners in this display. Additional hands-on exhibits include projections of climate change impacts on California and how the State is responding, a drought/conservation display, a climate wheel and hopscotch for kids, a Flood Plain model, and the ever-popular water burger.

"Science on a Sphere - Exhibit Tour" (2007) - Runtime 2:26

"Science on a Sphere - Exhibit Construction Time-Lapse" (2007) - Runtime 1:06