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Delta Smelt

Experimental summer/fall flow pulse effects on lower trophic productivity and export to the downstream Delta (SFSU, USGS)

Juvenile Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) occupy the Yolo Bypass in relatively high numbers during an extreme drought

Floodplain rearing of juvenile Chinook salmon in varying environmental regimes: How droughts and floods affect diet (UW)

Managed agricultural floodplain study (CDFW, CalTrout, NMFS, UC Davis, USBR)

Delta smelt habitat use and growth in the Yolo Bypass (UC Davis)

Diet of native steelhead, salmon and delta smelt during the 2016 flooding event (UW)

Historic juvenile salmon habitat use patterns in the Yolo Bypass Floodplain

Genetic run identification of Chinook salmon (UC Davis)

Delta Smelt

Evaluation of large-scale changes in the littoral fish community of the Delta (USFWS)
…study abstract

Understanding imperfect detection in the Interagency Ecological Program’s 20-mm survey (USFWS) abstract

Predation on early life stage Delta smelt in the San Francisco Estuary using DNA diet analysis (UC Davis)

Evidence that a seasonal floodplain-tidal slough complex supports size and timing variation for juvenile Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), with implications for life history diversity

Historic Striped Bass and juvenile Chinook salmon migration timing in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta



Delta Smelt

Delta smelt effective population size (Ne)(UC Davis)

Development of eDNA methods to detect Delta Smelt in the field (UC Davis)

Acoustic telemetry studies to track adult and  juvenile salmon and Sturgeon movements in the Yolo Bypass (UC Davis)

Incorporating growth rate variability in race identification for juvenile Chinook Salmon in the Yolo Bypass (UC Davis)

Interagency Ecological Program: